Welcome to Out Loud!

Out Loud was created to give those in the LGBTQ community a chance to express themselves in any way, shape, or form. Oftentimes, the LGBTQ community is overlooked by mainstream media, aside from when major events occur. While there are several news outlets which have LGBTQ friendly sections, they are typically staffed by a few reporters or freelancers.

The point of Out Loud is to give those in the LGBTQ community a chance to share their lives, stories, and opinions in one space. It gives us a chance to show the world what living life day-to-day is really like for those in the LGBTQ world.

What’s unique about Out Loud is there is no previous writing experience required. Anyone can submit an idea or article, whether it be one time or on a consistent basis. Our staff will help those lacking in more formal writing experience to edit their work before publishing.

The goal of Out Loud is simple: to create a place where anyone can share their feelings through writing about what they are experiencing as a member or ally of the LGBTQ community.

How to submit an article or idea

If you are submitting an article, please send a rough draft to lgbtqoutloud@gmail.com with “Rough Draft: Article Title” in the subject line for editors to review. If you simply have an idea, please send an email to the same email account with “Article Idea” and we will work with you to help develop the idea further. Please include 1-3 categories for the article or idea as well (see below for category descriptions).

If you are citing any other articles, studies, or interviews, please send include the links to all in your initial email.

Please try to find an image for your article and attach it to your email as a .jpeg or .png and be sure to include where the image is from. Ex. “Image courtesy of CNN.com” with link to specific image.

*There is NO compensation for writing or sending ideas in to Out Loud. Each writer will be credited in the byline and will have a link to their work send via email as soon as the article is live.


Entertainment– this section will feature music, movies, television, or entertainment news that has an effect on the LGBTQ community or contains material that would be of interest.

Humor– this section is meant for satire, humor, and lighthearted articles.

LGBTQ Allies– this section is for allies of the LGBTQ community. This includes friends, siblings, parents, other relatives who want to contribute to Out Loud.

Lifestyle– this section is for health, fitness, medicinal topics that affect the LGBTQ community. Examples include body image, healthy living, etc.

Opinion– this section is for contributors to express their opinions on what is going on in their personal lives, community, or in the world. We only ask that opinions are expressed in a mature and respectful manner.

Out Loud– this section is for coming out stories. Contributors can share their stories of coming out and those who have yet to come out can have articles posted anonymously if they are seeking advice, support, or any other type of guidance (the articles will have comment sections where these messages can be left).

Politics– this section is fairly self-explanatory. It will deal with political happenings, issues, and opinions. To post in this section, users will have to have accurate and up to date facts.

Relationships– this section is centered on relationships. Dating, marriage, single life, sex, and more can be covered here.

Sports– this section is to share sports news of LGBTQ athletes.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email lgbtqoutloud@gmail.com and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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