Why I don’t plan to stop challenging the Trump administration any time soon

Trump won, I get it. I accept it. I’m not seeking some loophole or obscure law where he winds up being ousted as President. The process is what it is and he is the result. Should the process be changed? Maybe, but that is neither here nor there when it comes to this election.

So why do I keep harping on the results? Why do I keep challenging the platforms Trump and Pence ran on? Why do I continue to resist his developing cabinet? Why won’t I just shut up, roll over, and take the Trump administration as it is?

Because sitting here, letting this man (or what might be more accurate is his VP and administration) even speak of or propose plans on deporting millions, creating a registry for immigrants, taking away the reproductive rights of women, allowing LGBTQ discrimination and so much more, is a literal impossibility for me. I cannot sit by while minority communities are reduced to anything less than 100% equal to white Americans.

The real kicker is, that I could sit here quietly and most likely be fine for the next four years. I am a white, middle-class man who, solely based on appearance and mannerisms, can easily pass as heterosexual. Marriage isn’t on my radar within the next ten years, let alone four, so I guess I could just twiddle my thumbs and wait until I’m ready as the rights of marriage for the LGBTQ community are challenged and potentially revoked.

I could sit here quietly for four years and be fine. But I am not going to.

Why? Because I can recognize that I am a very privileged man; when I came out, I was met with nearly 100% acceptance from friends and family. While I was terrified to come out, my fears were ultimately unfounded and the only thing that really changed about my life was that I became infinitely happier.

I want to live in a world where that is the way everyone lives. Where the fears about being different or not fitting the white, heterosexual, ethnocentric mold are all ultimately unfounded. This hope extends far beyond sexual orientation too; it encompasses equality for all genders, races, social classes and so much more.

So, the reason I continue to speak up is simple: it’s because I can. I have friends, family, and a life that ultimately won’t be affected by my advocacy, and surprisingly, in this day and age that is rare. I have the luxury of putting myself out there as an advocate while others might not be so lucky. Sitting here quietly and waiting to see if these proposed policies actually happen does nothing; standing up and fighting to make sure they don’t happen does.

Ultimately, that is why I will continue to be loud, continue to share, continue to fight. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to be a voice for the LGBTQ community. I recognize my privilege in this situation and, with that recognition, I am going to make sure I do everything I can to make sure it is used to help those who are going to feel alone, ostracized, or discriminated against in the coming months.

My advice to you if you have a problem with it is simple: unfriend, unfollow, and eliminate me from your life. Otherwise, you are in for a long four years.

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