On Marriage

The rain is peaceful, the door is open and the glass is full. My Monday is in the books and I have a reason to relax. I’m scrolling through social media, stupidly, and come across a title that says “Legislation repudiates Supreme Court ruling on marriage.”

At first I think, “Fools, you can’t block federal law.” Naturally, I’m intrigued and continue on to open the article. It is a plethora of “state law will not recognize” and “having the support of the federal government.” The more I indulge in the hate jabs the more disappointed I get.

What exactly has been so bad about a few thousand more people being able to share their love with one another? Have you lost money? No- we bought those cakes even though you were attempting to make it law to ban us from there, too.

I wanted to respond but I instantly have this internal battle of, “How do you do this?” I don’t want to be this internet political troll. But I’m, also, aware that the language of America right now is stomping your feet and discriminate. I can not relate to someone whose soul purpose in life is to use exhausting hours of energy to block someone else from doing something. I just don’t care enough. Maybe that’s the difference between myself and politicians, but I still don’t get what we’ve done to you.

There’s a tug in my chest, my face gets hot and I fight back the urge to cry. While I know the Supreme Court protects this, I can’t help but think what a headache this is going to be for those wanting to celebrate their love for one another. Do you go through the legal battle with the state? Or do you make it easier on yourself and go to another state? But even if you do that, it’s not recognized in your home state. Plus asking all your guests to travel, and making decisions about a location a state away- what a nightmare.

In true southern fashion- the reason is to protect the sanctity of marriage. My mother is a good, Christian woman. She lives every day to be better and treat others the way she would want to be treated. There are still good, faithful people out there who are doing what they are supposed to do: love thy neighbor.

You lawmakers are using something so pure as a tool to spread such evil. I know I’ll get up tomorrow, go to work, do my everyday things. I know that my personal life isn’t going to be altered that much, but I know my options have just been limited drastically when there’s not many to begin with.

What is currently happening in North Carolina has already tried to pass in Arkansas and it was annoying, to say the least. We can’t help fix the education system, or our infrastructure, or the horrendous homeless numbers, but we can find time to spend tax-payer dollars to create a law that is void.

I went and got a degree, I got a job, I’m paying taxes, I’m following the law, what else do you want from me? I read the rule book and I’m doing it just like you. I’m trying my best to conform to this world you have created so humbly, but how will you know this if you keep trying to erase my existence?

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